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About Us

UnBoxing Change is an Internship Preparation and Management Organization that trains students Pre-Kindergarten through College to create community impact events and programs centered around Education, Activism, and Entrepreneurship.


Student planners are trained to use impact events as tools for business development with a strategic focus on hospitality, sales, and service. Since 2019, UnBoxing Change has worked with student planners and partners to create community brainstorms and events that strengthen neighborhoods, places of worship, and schools. 


UnBoxing Change brings partners and people together to achieve results for the growth of businesses and communities.


Join us!

UnBoxing Change understands that we are all responsible for our piece of the mission.

From the Homeless to the Hungry, To the Left behind and the Forgotten, UnBoxing Change provides a voice to communities through membership-driven engagement activity and involvement.

Our Mission

UBC Mission

UnBoxing Change trains students to use impact events as tools for business and community development.

At UnBoxing Change student planners are trained with a strategic focus on marketing, sales, and service. Our method allows student planners to better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers by training our sales and service teams to manage and organize data and outreach information.

Kid's Playing Outdoor
Image by Jeswin Thomas

Our Vision

UnBoxing Change brings partners and people together to achieve results.

UnBoxing Change was created to tackle the most pressing problems people face on the planet. We believe that “Community” is the key to solving these problems and that we, as members of this mission, are the agents of change that we all seek

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